"Robinson is an excellent guitar teacher! In just a couple of lessons our son was playing so well that I had to peek into the room to make sure it was really him playing! Robinson teaches so that the student can really make music right away and that has helped our shy, tentative son (10 when he started, 14 now) to feel confident. Our family is indebted to Robinson for his effect on our child's guitar playing and self esteem. He always treats our son with kindness and respect and never talks down to him. I cannot say enough about him. Robinson is a wonderful teacher!" ~ Nikki & Ti Harmony

"Great players don't always make great teachers......Robinson is clearly the exception to this....Robinson is a fantastic artist but he really knows how to teach as well. I have been working with Robinson on and off the last couple of years on both fingerstyle and slide acoustic guitar, as well as electric. He has taught me so many nuances in style and technique that have really enhanced my playing. His demeanor is perfect and he really knows how to connect with you during a lesson.....thumbs up for Robinson and I highly recommend!" ~ Jim Caravello


As one of Robinson’s oldest student (I qualify for senior discounts,) I can honestly say that he is my biggest supporter and mentor in my quest to become a decent guitar player and writer of songs. Robinson provides a supportive learning environment, expertise in a range of guitar styles, and music theory and its applications to expanding one’s playing ability up and down the neck of the guitar. It’s awesome to play above the 3rd fret. He is a confidence builder, too. My recent exploits have included performing at an open mic (with Robinson) and joining a band for a Girls Rock NC fundraiser. I could go on and on about Robinson and how much I have learned and continue to learn from him. Rather than doing so, I encourage you to find out for yourself. You won’t regret it. - Suze

"For several years, I took flatpick lessons focusing on jazz and surf rhythm guitar. After a year+ lessons hiatus (but still practicing), upon moving to NC, commenced fingerstyle lessons with Robinson. Fingerstyle always appeared daunting, but Mr. Earle made the process approachable and fun, and I truly believe he can be a music teacher for all ages. He is always encouraging, and wants you to learn what you are interested in, but he also has a full reservoir of new stuff to suggest to you. We sometimes mix my earlier training with fingerstyle to spawn unique takes on tunes.

Bebee enjoys awesome tunes!

Bebee enjoys awesome tunes!

I always looked forward to our weekly lessons, as did Beebee who always joined us, unless there was something to eat. We recently moved to CO, but will be re-starting lessons via Facetime. Should also add here that Robinson and I employed video recordings as a teaching tool, and those are indispensable for my kind of learning."

Jerlyn, Beebee and Craig