General LESSON Policies

All lessons are 45 minutes in length. If a student desires a longer lesson, arrangements can be made to accommodate this request. 

Students can save $20 by purchasing a four lesson bundle.
**All four lessons must be redeemed in four consecutive weeks** 
unless special circumstances arise (such as illness - please do not come to a lesson if you aren't feeling well!)

Robinson is generally available to teach lessons between 10am and 7pm on any given day - he is open and flexible to working with a student's schedule, and generally needs 3-4 days advanced notice for setting up a lesson. When a new student purchases a lesson, Robinson will send an email to set up the first lesson. 

See below for information on discounts!

Group lessons can be accommodated. Want to learn guitar with a friend or group of friends? Interested in arranging homeschool group lessons? Email Robinson to discuss your idea and make arrangements - Robinson will adjust fees depending on the situation and number of students. 

Robinson welcomes students as young as 8 years old for guitar lessons. If your child under age 8 is unusually precocious and motivated to learn guitar, Robinson may be interested in teaching ukulele for half-hour lessons. Uke is a great way for younger kids to start out! 


In general, a student needs to have the following supplies:

  • A guitar - Robinson is happy to assist local students in picking out a suitable guitar that fits the student's budget and style requirements. If you have a guitar that needs some attention before it is ready to be played, Robinson can recommend a luthier. 
  • A fresh set of strings - old strings can make a great guitar sound dead. Robinson is happy to teach you how to change your strings.
  • A tuner - this is essential. 
  • If you are traveling with your guitar, you'll need a case or gig bag.
  • For students who'd like to gig or play standing, a strap is helpful.
  • If you'd like to learn slide guitar, you'll need a slide - choose a glass or brass slide that feels comfortable in your hand and doesn't have a seam. The glass bottle-neck slides tend to have a seam - in a pinch it'll work but when the seam hits the string it doesn't sound great.
  • A capo - this is not necessary at first, but eventually can be very useful for certain songs and when accompanying other instruments. 
  • A humidifier - during the winter and in dry climates, these are essential for keeping your guitar happy and crack-free. 

in-person lessons

If you choose to hold lessons at your location, please check to see how far away you live.

For students who live within a 25 minute drive, Robinson will travel to your location without charging an additional fee. 

For students who live between 25 minutes and 45 minutes away, a $5 fee is added to each lesson. 

For students who live more than 45 minutes away - Skype lessons are the way to go! 

If you prefer, lessons can be held in Robinson's music room at his house, which is north of Chapel Hill near the intersection of Old 86 and Mt. Sinai, about a mile north of exit 266 off I-40. You will receive the exact address when the lesson time is confirmed. 

Skype Lessons

Included in each Skype lesson is a follow-up short video summary of the song or technique taught in the lesson. 

Skype students are welcome from all over the world, but keep in mind that Robinson teaches in English and is available during day and early evening hours of Eastern Standard Time. 

In the case of technical malfunction for Skype lessons, Robinson will do his best to reschedule and accommodate. 

Discounts and free lessons

Discounts are available for the following groups:

Kids ages 8-18 receive a 10% discount. Enter "10%Off" when checking out online.

College students, Senior citizens, and Veterans receive a 5% discount. Enter "5%Off" when checking out online. 

If the only thing stopping you from taking guitar lessons is cost, please contact Robinson via email to discuss options. Robinson is open to work-trades and other forms of payment (What kinds of skills do you offer? Yard work, homemade meals or homegrown foods, art or yoga lessons, massages, acupuncture, or chiropractic adjustments from licensed practitioners, tax preparation from a CPA, record collectors willing to part with cool records...let's talk!) 

Earn a free lesson by referring a new student! 

cancellation and rescheuling

Students can cancel or request a change of date/time for a lesson without penalty with at least 24 hours advanced notice, as long as the lesson is rescheduled within one week. In the case of illness or extenuating circumstances, exceptions can be made at Robinson's discretion.

The first time a student makes a last-minute cancellation, there is no penalty. Life happens! For subsequent last-minute cancellations, the student forfeits the lesson fee.