A small sampling of Robinson's techniques.
You can find significantly more video examples on SoundPure's youtube acoustic guitar playlist.

Piedmont Fingerstyle

Robinson learned to "Piedmont Pick" from John Cephas of Cephas & Wiggins. After mastering that, he went on to incorporate elements of Celtic and Flamenco into his right-hand technique. He believes that every finger can and should be used. He will show his students how to execute arpeggios, rolls, alternating bass patterns, and teach them how to incorporate nimble, melodic phrases into their chords.

Alternative Tuning

Robinson believes in using different tunings to evoke different moods, accommodate vocal registers, and to enhance solo performance. Although well-versed in "standard" (EADGBD), he recognizes that it's popularity is mostly due to it's harmonic versatility, not its aesthetic superiority. Alternative tunings and capos allow for more musical diversity, not just ease of execution, and are to be used accordingly. Chordal tunings can also be effective for demonstrating and isolating theoretical principles.

Slide Guitar

Robinson loves to get "in-between" the notes. He believes that it is only with a slide that guitarists can realize the full vocal potential of the instrument. It is a mysterious and underutilized technique in which he specializes. Much of what he knows comes from studying the recordings of Ali Akbar Khan and Blind Willie Johnson. 

Percussive Finger-style

Jazz and Beyond

Although less experienced in these styles, Robinson is a confident, capable, and open-minded musician and teacher who is willing to explore any music you may enjoy. 

Electric Guitar

Robinson is no stranger to electric guitars. He loves to get loud and show his students how to navigate the wide world of effects and pedals, including (but not limited to) delay, reverb, sample & hold, octave, loop and fuzz. Students can choose to use a pick or their fingers. He uses both.