General Lesson Policies

All lessons are 45 minutes in length. If a student desires a longer lesson, arrangements can be made to accommodate this request. 

Students can save $20 by purchasing a four lesson bundle.
**All four lessons must be redeemed in four consecutive weeks** 
unless special circumstances arise (such as illness - please do not come to a lesson if you aren't feeling well!)

See below for information on discounts!

Group lessons can be accommodated. Want to learn guitar with a friend or group of friends? Interested in arranging homeschool group lessons? Email Robinson to discuss your idea and make arrangements - Robinson will adjust fees depending on the situation and number of students. 

Robinson welcomes students as young as 8 years old for guitar lessons. If your child under age 8 is unusually precocious and motivated to learn guitar, Robinson may be interested in teaching ukulele for half-hour lessons. Uke is a great way for younger kids to start out! 


In general, a student needs to have the following supplies:

  • A guitar - Robinson is happy to assist local students in picking out a suitable guitar that fits the student's budget and style requirements. If you have a guitar that needs some attention before it is ready to be played, Robinson can recommend a luthier. 
  • If you are traveling with your guitar, you'll need a case or gig bag.
  • For students who'd like to gig or play standing, a strap is helpful.
  • If you'd like to learn slide guitar, you'll need a slide - choose a glass or brass slide that feels comfortable in your hand and doesn't have a seam. The glass bottle-neck slides tend to have a seam - in a pinch it'll work but when the seam hits the string it doesn't sound great.
  • A capo - this is not necessary at first, but eventually can be very useful for certain songs and when accompanying other instruments. 
  • A humidifier - during the winter and in dry climates, these are essential for keeping your guitar happy and crack-free.